About me

Welcome to Paryatak!

My name is Sushil Kumar, and at age 23 (in 2005), I started my corporate job in IT industries for travel domain. My father is a banker and I got the opportunities with him to explore the india. It was my passion for travel who pushed me to travel industries. I alway love to write about the destination where I visited. Even, on the regular basis I make note in my diary whenever I get some information about any places. Once I joined this industries, I tried to share it with all the people across the world. I love the people who told me “PARYATAK”. This inspired me to make my blog as “PARYATAK”. “PARYATAK” is the home of all my travels, and I hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and discover the world. Come with me?

Tea Garden – Gangtok

My journey

I grew up in a protective Indian family in Sitamarhi (Bihar), a small town near India Nepar border, and spent my childhood wondering what lay beyond the mountains I could see from my roof. Upon finishing high school, I went to Patna as every student do to study, with big dreams. As luck would have it, I graduated in the middle of the financial recession of 2005, when most companies I wanted to work with had ceased their hiring. I landed a job with the Travelguru, where I learnt everything I know about social media, and started following the journey of travel bloggers across the world.

The journey of “PARYATAK” began way back in 2005. When I started writing I had no idea, how this would evolve, but over the years my two passions dominated this blog: Travel and Books.

This blog began with my sharing my travel stories, but it has been nurtured by you readers. When you tell me about new places, new experiences, I plan my trips based on them. When you tell me that my travel tales helped you choose your next destination, it encourages me to write more.

I am supported by Surabhi (my better half). She has taken most of the bird photographs that appear on Paryatak.


How I like to travel

First things first, I’m not a backpacker. While I carry a backpack for convenience, I like to stay in experiential accommodations (think home-stays), travel impulsively and to places that have seldom been written about, and don’t believe in counting every penny I spend. I like to go slow, get under the skin of a place, talk to locals and experiment with the local cuisine; I’m happy to skip most tourist attractions in a big city. I mostly travel solo or my partner Surabhi(wife); group travel with a fixed itinerary is just not for me.

I believe that our travel choices have an impact on the places we visit. On my part, I prefer public transport, avoid buying mineral water bottles, and try to look for local experiences.

Amber Fort – Jaipur